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I partner with my clients on inspiring paths of living into their Authentic Selves while creating a toolkit fit for Performance of Self both on a deeply personal level and on a professional high performance level. I work globally with Individuals, Coaches, Families, Teams & Companies who are keen to transform from deep within, unlocking their potential, keen to impact their environments positively and to work consciously on the share they own in it.

Originally from Denmark I immigrated to South Africa in November 2006 and feel deeply connected to the amazing heartbeat of this beautiful country. It is a special privilege to contribute to personal values-based leadership development in highly diverse environments – from Maximum Prison to the Corporate Arena with Teams and Executives. I have written the book and founded the coaching methodology The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) – published in 2008.

TRI shapes the foundation of all I am. I fuel my being into my doing.


An Innovative Journey

2005 – 2020

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‘The SmilingOne Idea’
On the sketch board in 2005

‘The SmilingOne Domain’
Registered in November 2005

Meaning of name:
Becoming ONE in ourselves, no more fake smiling, masks/covering up
We begin to show up differently
Genuinely Invested & Involved

‘SmilingOne PTY Ltd’
Founded in 2007 in South Africa

‘The SmilingOne Foundation’
Founded in 2008 in South Africa

With the established foundation and the inspiration found in my beautiful South Africa I continued to build on the SmilingOne concept and used it to write the book: The Responsible Individual (TRI). With each TRI Student committed to the journey of Self Discovery the concept grew. It expanded into a highly dynamic change engine – Circles of Change™, by evolving from one educational pillar (the Sharing Pillar) into three – an emergent strategy.

Published my book The Responsible Individual™. The first puzzle piece of The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) Coaching Methodology was “airborne”.
“When we learn to understand that challenges are in our lives to assist us in becoming more whole and finding a much better balance, we can begin to embrace and trust our path with everything we attract into it, find peace and happiness and walk through life as a responsible individual.”

Developing the COC Academy – an educational platform for Coaches and Change Agents – has been such a wonderful privilege. Our work in SA Prisons has played a significant role in its shaping, offering an enabling platform in highly challenging environments to produce the most remarkable Change Agents.

The COC consists of three pillars or key change elements – “Sharing”, “Caring” and “I am a Resource”. The Responsible Individual™ forms the foundational puzzle piece in each of them – as a personal values-based leadership development programme, as an entrepreneurial skills development programme and as a way of leading a life in gratitude and service.

Penny Haw, a journalist from Business Day published an article about our transformational work in SA prisons (download article). It opened a door to a new amazing adventure on the corporate playing field. I was soon invited to work with teams and their executives – another exciting chapter opened up for myself, TRI & COC. Our guidance highway is continuously expanding, calling us to touch many more lives, assisting both the unlocking and unfolding of potential.

I was once asked about the difference between the depth coaching processes inside prison versus the corporate arena. My answer – there is no difference. I can understand how it can be tempting to think limiting default behaviour is more common in a prison environment. Fact is – regardless of where we find ourselves we all have a tendency to default to our less desirable versions! Therefore – we are all incarcerated.

While deeply immersed in the depth coaching processes more lanes opened up on the The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) Highway.

  • My new book Garden of Awakening™ soon to be published encompasses some of these elevations
  • Awaken Leader Within Model – TRI – Wheel of Consciousness™ (WOC).
  • TRI Identification Process – Who in me Speaks™
  • An Incarcerated Mind™

A continuous expansion takes place, a channeling of further insights; fun and sticky concepts being added to the experience. The example of the elevation of the TRI identification process WHO IN ME SPEAKS™ was inspired by the process of storing client information after each session. It became an easy way to recap before the next client engagement and turned into a meaningful tool to bring into the session space. Clients loved it!


Servant leadership is an integral part in The Responsible Individual™ Depth Coaching Methodology.

I am highly passionate about co-creating magic and feel deeply for our people. This passion has been instrumental in developing the Circles of Change™ Academy and integrating this unique approach in high-risk communities such as the  South African Prisons (since January 2008),  Re-integration support   for  ex-offenders  (since October 2009), in local communities in Cape Town (from 2010 – Youth and Community Empowerment) and in South African Schools since 2017.

I am in awe of the ripples of awakening taking place. Developing Change Agents is one of the incredible outcomes of my servant leadership practice. I bow deeply to the seeds planted with loving pure intention. The Change Agents are creating huge ripples in our communities and schools today, shaping a new generation of Champions of Change… each one equipped with a toolkit. These are our future leaders!

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