When engaging in the The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) depth coaching journey one of the most important practices is to take better care of yourself - your body, mind and soul. Staying on course is a process – and there are no real shortcuts. A healthy individual builds a healthy family, healthy teams, a healthy business, a healthy community, a healthy country and contributes to a healthy world.

We are all different and will feel drawn to different movement practices that serves us best. The gentlest place to begin is with your own movement practice - a 30 minute commitment 3 times a week.

Yoga has become a wonderful ally for me on my own healthy individual journey. It has taught me to breathe in and out of each moment and to be still within each movement; to reset and to enhance my heart coherence. It has gifted me the opportunity to develop an incredible focus which contributes to a strengthened ability to center and balance. This is especially helpful in very challenging moments.

In some of my private client processes we weave in a movement practice informed by my yoga experience that is suitable for the individual, as part of the weekly (or bi-weekly) session space.

My personal experience & practice:
• 2019: 200 hours Registered Yoga Teacher Training with Jim Harrington
• 10+ years of Kundalini yoga
• 5+ years of Ashtanga Yoga
• 3+ years in Vinyasa Flow

I am currently enjoying integrating Budokon into my yoga practice – it is a fusion of yoga, martial arts and animal locomotion. I love learning and allowing my body to experience its full capacity.

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Book recommendation for TRI scholars by Dr Servan-Schreiber

Minimum Packages: 3 months BREAKTHROUGH GYM
The depth coaching experience is tailored to your needs.
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