I have been called into processes with parents and teenagers to walk alongside them
as they seek to develop and deepen their self-leadership toolkits.

Something special happens when we begin to bring consciousness into our parenting
and learn to embrace our children as our teachers.

From this space we can learn:

  • to deeply listen
  • to collaborate and grow as a team
  • to appreciate the bumps on the journey as opportunities for growth
  • to offer ourselves in our most genuine expression as we free ourselves from our own shadows and imprisoned thinking
  • what it means to support and nurture them through very different and often difficult phases of their development.

It has become urgent!

Our world and daily lives are becoming more and more busy… and noisy….. and our children are becoming more and more separate. Our connection and communication is suffering. The first step in our depth coaching journey is to pause and invest time in having meaningful conversations – to be present and participate in a mutually beneficial and respectful exchange.

It is not about perfection.

We are all Student Parents and we all stumble and fall. The magic lies in how we get up again and in our ability to become more vulnerable by showing them and accepting that we don’t have all the answers either.

It is a Partnership.

I have raised two beautiful children – Nathalie and Daniel – and have gone to ‘Conscious Parenting Gym’ for many years. It has not been an easy road but it has been so worth it. These two amazing human beings have challenged me daily to be my best version! For that I am forever grateful.

It is a privilege to witness their journey and to truly be present with them as they unpack their special purpose and unique expression in our world.

Minimum Packages: 3 months BREAKTHROUGH GYM
The depth coaching experience is tailored to you and your family’s needs.
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