3 Core Concepts

of The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) Depth Coaching Methodology


Become Conscious
Stay Awake

I Am Responsible

Values-based leadership
Personal mastery

I Have Potential

Express Your Potential
Uncover Your Purpose


The initial task at hand is for me to establish the focus you the client have in mind so as to uncover ‘the job’ that you are hiring me and the coaching (space) for.

The uncovering process starts in the first interview.

The benefits are vast and are mostly way beyond what my clients initially expect. They often express to have had a much richer experience than what they anticipated.  

Some of the benefits gained by those who have engaged in the coaching process are: 

Ownership & Responsibility 

  • Awakened curiosity
  • A greater Self-Awareness – waking up
  • Activation of Inner Healer / Inner Coach
  • A deeper sense of trust in self (confidence & self-worth)
  • Centeredness as a core practice and way of life
  • Improved Self Performance (towards well-being). A better ME a better WE
  • Personal Values-based Leadership 
  • Challenging and overcoming Perfectionism / Procrastination
  • Strengthened ability to zoom in and out from detail to bigger picture

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Communication & Connection

  • Mindful Communication & the Art of Listening
  • Speaking Truth 
  • A deeper sense of connection with self and others
  • Improved Relationship Building


  • Improved Leadership skills
  • Strengthened Clarity. Greater Commitment and Contribution
  • Increased Life & Job Satisfaction (meaning, passion & purpose)
  • Ability to solve problems/challenges in new ways. Improved decision making
  • Building caring, healthy & enabling environments


Depth Coaching is a process intuitively designed to give you the client a profound and lasting impact. I offer you a Depth Coaching Space which assists you in getting to the core of behavioural patterns to begin the process of questioning the many layers of your conditioning.

Most of us are unaware how much of the energy of our old belief patterns and behaviours we transmit…. both in our inner spaces and into our shared spaces. This “old energy“ fuels itself into our thoughts, our words and our deeds; and the thing is – that the unconscious does not question. We keep doing it! This can have a severe impact on how we lead ourselves, our families, our teams and how we ’show up’ in delivery and performance.

TRI challenges you to examine Self Performance first.

In the Depth Coaching Space you are not only strengthening your ability to lead in your own life, the quality of your leadership in places you choose to lead others (at home and at work) will be significantly improved too. A great leader is one who starts with self – who has touched deeply into their core and who understands inhibiting and enabling behaviours – not just in theory but in daily deliberate practice.


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The approach aims to assist in the maturation of you, the client. This maturing process is also referred to as individuation (a term best known from psychologist Carl Jung). The exploration of our inner landscape becomes a primary source of enquiry – when seeking inroads into personal development which carries lasting impact; to be curious about the first fifty chapters you have written; to meet the inner child; to both understand and re-negotiate old belief patterns (contracts), shift what no longer serves you and energetically dissolve the barriers on your path of purpose. It is in the in-depth exploration of these first chapters that you will illuminate your healing and active development journey; it is here that real change occurs and where you begin the unlocking of your potential.


As an awakened Leader you will know that It is your job to develop your toolbox and bring it into every engagement. The greatest gift you can give to anyone is the gift of your own awakening!


Depth Coaching Packages

The depth coaching experience rarely consists of just one aspect; there are many nuances in the spectrum of self-leadership. Be curious about each one as you explore the possibility of embarking on a journey and developing your toolkit. Each speciality has come alive through my own deepening and my commitment to a daily deliberate practice towards personal values-based leadership.


The key to sustained high performance is well-being. Healthy individuals build healthy teams.

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It is not about perfection. We are all Student Parents. Well-being for both Child and Parent is a partnership!


Leave conditional love behind. You are willing to go deeper and give space for growth.

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Meet your inner Child. Learn to host the release and activate the medicine within

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Build a broader toolkit to meet Clients in a deeper field of exploration. Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit.


As an awakened Responsible Individual your well-being is top priority.

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NOURISHED is the key word for this special offering where a holistic retreat experience is tailored to your special requirements and depth coaching process. Enjoy a unique blend of nature, wholesome plant based food, depth coaching sessions & movement healing practices.

Thato Payele
Course Coordinator


In TRI you learn to self motivate. You look within yourself and your ability. You start to believe it. It is a LIE that I am not good enough. In TRI we learn to unlearn the LIE. I AM good enough! I AM capable! I have build up my motivation and self-esteem. My confidence has increased.

Paul Van Niekerk
Junior Partner & General Manager


Karina is a remarkable coach that has made a significant positive difference in my life. She meets you where you are and facilitates a growth journey in group or individual context. While much of the journey focuses on self-leadership, part of Karina's unique approach is that she takes time to understand the organizational context. The result is that the journey not only leads to better self-knowledge and leadership, but also greater attunement to the organization and alignment with its values and objectives. From my own experience, I can absolutely recommend Karina's services.

Bridget Theron
Strategic Account Manage


The Responsible individual ™ (TRI) really is in the context of creating and awakening consciousness. It allows you to find your life’s purpose and meaning - it invites you to become centered. It is your space to weave and figure out how to move forward with life. Take responsibility for the choices you make - for yourself firstly, before you can give and BE or even have an expectation of anyone else. It is like building a balance sheet of who you are in the most authentic manner!! I have done many courses but I don’t think I have come across anything like TRI with this intensified focus on choice - not just for yourself but for your higher purpose to humanity.

Gavin Olivier
Managing Executive


Karina entered my life in 2013 in dramatic fashion with a visit to the Malmesbury prison to see the work she did there. I realised very soon after having engaged with her that there was a special bond with a special person who has insight into herself and others that is simply inspiring. Karina has through our sessions enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of myself through the TRI journey and has helped me become a better me. Karina is highly professional and I endorse her work, her approach and would strongly recommend her to people looking to find deeper meaning in their lives and in the process become better leaders of self and others.

Pricilla Mwangi-Muinami
General Manager


For me TRI is and has been a great opportunity to morph and grow as a 10x leader, to find my voice and build muscles as I continue to live my purpose and unlock my potential. TRI is about becoming a better version of me, in the choices I make, in my JDMs (judgement decision makings) with full ownership and responsibility. TRI is a great journey through various circles of change - maintaining an empty cup - building trust - continuously rinsing to purify my energy and whole being - for optimal impact and legacy…. With TRI, you are listened to without judgement, you are challenged to confront blind spots, you grow from the roots up. TRI meets you where you are at and journeys with you from there. TRI gives you the tools you needs to awaken the leader within. It reminds you that you have what it takes to achieve full potential.

Ricky Robinson


Better people make better All Blacks' was the philosophy at the heart of the extraordinary 12 year world record of winning rugby games by the All Blacks and was behind our own thinking in employing Karina Andersen as a life coach to many of our people this last 5 years. For many of them, Karina has been able to guide in a unique way and help them self-lead and access strength and meaning they never knew they had. More than that, she has been able to do so by aligning with LRMG cultural artefacts, core beliefs and values, and has been an agent of change in doing so. For any organisation looking for something soulful, different, yet aligned to business, I would recommend Karina unreservedly. She is an exceptional human being, with a purpose to make the world a better place.

Lucille Johnson
Group CRM and Technology Services Administrator


I always felt safe in Karina’s space. Her deep questioning always made me feel responsible for my actions. TRI2 was life changing for me. I have a reason to breathe. I have a voice and Karina listens no matter what I talk about. I am energized when I leave her sessions. I deeply respect Karina as she tapped into the deeper and darker side of me, making me sometimes feel uncomfortable. I am so much more aware of my actions and through deliberate practice, I have become a much better person and peer that I knew a few months ago.

Gavin Janse Van Rensburg
Strategic Lead: Technology


I've been working with Karina on my soulful journey of discovery...Through her patient leadership she has helped me see more in others and in myself! Thank you Karina and looking forward to continuing with you on this journey.

Ketsi Bapela
Course Coordinator


I have gone through The Responsible Individual journey with Karina for the past two years, and I can confidently say today that I am a better person than I was before deciding to go through this journey with her. She is a good listener, advisor, mentor, and coach. she makes you dig deeper into your soul, spirit and business acumen beliefs. I have discovered a lot about myself, and now I am aligning my purposes in life.

Frank Baloyi
Implementation Consultant


TRI has enabled me to have a voice, to have a different way of looking at things, I control my anger, I engage better, I ask questions. Overall I realised I have potential to be a leader. TRI has changed my life…

Michelle Phipson
Business Development Executive


I can highly recommend Karina as a phenomenal depth coach whose process covers the full spectrum of Soul, Spirit and Business Acumen. As I enter TRI 2, I do so filled with gratitude that I work in a business which recognises how much value Karina brings and that they have gifted me with such a guide on my journey towards self-mastery.